Dog repairs ? TF?

Go fund me or go fraud me just frosts my ass. The platform is used for needless panhandling instead of true emergency assistance. All the pay for my vacation , my dog, or my fucking speeding ticket have soured many people that used to give regularly. Caitlyn will certainly disagree. But 15,000.00. Jesus Christ. I can get you a whole litter for that.

so let’s see , the puppy at some point has Lyme so I’m guessing it didn’t get the vaccine at the rescue shelter. Weird. But whatever. With all those things wrong is this really a sound investment? What happened before GFM was around? Oh ya , people got loans, 2-3rd jobs, and shit. Not now its just easier to ask strangers. Your mentally and financially drained? So keep going , yup make yourself broke and crazy. Makes sense. You can set a GFM for that later.

If the dog is whining in constant pain then you are NOT making her comfortable. One of your CGC , Canine Good Citizen , pledges is that YOU are responsible for YOUR dogs QUALITY of life. For that kind of money I would probably get a second opinion as well.

Seems like I might not be the only one who thinks this is ridiculous. so it’s still up and even though she seems to not be baited by that kinda bitchy sounding Diane chick , and she thinks it’s just great ! She hasn’t gained a dime with all her boosting. She also claims to be a non profit. Can you post your 501c cert. ?

doesn’t that face scream give me your money !!

it’s too bad that poor doggy has to suffer as well as see her everyday.

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