Stay out Connecticut !

Eric is very upset that a border wall hasn’t been built to protect the Western Mass Facebook marketplace from those people in the south, you know, from Connecticut. We know there is no possible way for you to find out where someone is either, like on their profile or, maybe, going out on a limb here, ask !!! We don’t want you to lose time at your important job over someone who lies about their location.

Speaking of people not telling the truth about where the are. But it turns out there are more like Erik, who are unable to ask a simple question.

Settle down, he isn’t leading us in to battle or anything. They even started to turn on New York.

Its not that far. Plus it isn’t like there is much out there to do. Why not drive an hour to buy a used pair of sneakers.Then, like every post, they turned on him.

Damn you common sense !!!!! Facebook is for crying not thinking !!!! But one last question.

As long as you are in Western Mass , the yes Desiree.

A little update, as soon as I was done with this blog, this appeared.

hear this Connecticut, Erik will NOT BE SILENCED !!!!!

Actually , he will. As soon as he realized this post was not going his way, delete and retreat. Now nobody can be mean to me !!!

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