Oh Canada

Ah Canada, the future home of all our celebrities that hate Ttump. They just haven’t moved yet because Uhaul has been all booked up for the past 2 years. Canada us5e Facebook too, and got some real goodies that are worth a trip over the border.

Well, maybe they are called crayons in Montreal, here we just call them pencils. A pretty amble supply here in the USA but rare up north.

A french guys boxer shorts, ou lala !

An alarm clock, wouldn’t want to sleep in on the cold dark mornings.

I’m pretty sure I got this as a birthday present in 1987. Either put the antenna up and watch that one particularly scrambled channels that actually comes in or put on the tape of your favorite hair band.

No they aren’t almost new, they are 5 year old car floor mats. They still show years of Canadian winter wear.

Remeber the Montreal Expos? Yeah they were easy to forget. In 2005 they moved to become the Washington Nationals, not much better.

Can you even sell a Facebook page? I guess anything goes North of the border. I’d love to have 23,000 followers, but I’m not paying $750 for them

Yes, a real American hero!!! Because lets face it, you wont find a movie about a Canadian that must go and fight to save the world.

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