Facebook Police

No, please Sturbridge Police don’t tell me you are becoming the social media cops. I debated for a few minutes whether to post this because I am 100 % a Police supporter. Odd are it isn’t a officer posting this, they got real stuff to do. Most likely a dispatcher. Lets go through this.

Is it true? Have you looking at most news sites ? If they only posted if it was true, they would be a lot more quite.

Hurtful? Its just words on a screen. They can’t hurt you.

illegal? Ok, I’ll give them that one.

Necessary? It never is.

Kind? Well, Turtleboy is screwed on that one. Everyone is a tough guy online. If it bothers you, go read a book.

It is that simple, they are words on a screen. You have the choice to ignore it. Nobody is making you read this, it because you choose to.

Hopefully the Facebook police don’t read this and put me in time out. We all know everyone can be sensitive. Take a look at what happened last week when I made a joke using a common phrase on the Sutton Police Facebook page.

I guess the use of the saying “speed trap” was the only crime going on that morning. For the record, I don’t live in Sutton. But I know how speeding cars on streets work Kristin.

I’m surprised she didn’t message asking to speak with my manager. Then John showed up to tell me to stop complaining being a police officer is way more dangerous then getting my mail, which of course had nothing to do with anything I said but he has to feel like he put me in my place.

Thanks for the lecture on stuff I never brought up. Your my hero !!!!!

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