Work hard

Looks like Luis from Holyoke needs a “par time jod”. And he is working hard to get one by just asking .

Ok some career advice Luis. First, don’t update your photo to a picture of you shirtless and drinking at the same time you ask people to hire you. Second, its spelled job, and part.

Facebook is on a roll today, as you can see Terry wasted no time and a few joined in.

Dude needs a job not fuck boys? That seems intelligent Mike any other words of advice?

Yeah, Mike thats it. We Americans see a Puerto Rican guy from Holyoke in the classifieds asking for work and think ” let keep this foreign guy down”. Because jobs in Holyoke are sooo sought after. And it has to be part time, because full time and he loses the SSI he collects claiming his lack of English keeps him from working.

You want to know why they shit on him? Because he is lazy. You want a job, you look for one, not make a post and spell the one thing you want wrong. But let me help you out Luis since it is so hard for you. Two jobs posted in the same section as I was writing this, and fear not, Luis didn’t comment under either.

The second one would be a good choice, he cant spell either. I would change that ASAP. You put out an ad for a “woker” in western Mass and every liberal in Northampton may apply.

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