Rent a Center Sale

Selling the new furniture so soon? I can’t believe you want to part with a rack that has a speark. I don’t know what that is so maybe I should call in or zap you.

So I have a hard time believing that someone spend all this money on furniture just to sell it a few months later. And you are late to tbe game, they already pissed away the tax money on 24 year old cars for $3,000.

My guess. We went to Rent a Center and got all this over price stuff. Now we can’t afford the payment. But if we sell it we get the cash and they can’t repo stuff they cant find.

Smart move Marcia, maybe next you can learn geography.

You are in Everrett Massachusetts, not Washington. I love the picture though. It looks like the intro of a spanish soap opera. You got everything, the sweet child, the family memebers and the neighborhood bad boy.

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