Puppy gofundme

Do you smell the dog shit yet? This one was so poorly done it is pathetic. Oh, it is spelled pitbull. This is the ass clown we are dealing with here.

Looks lile she had to star in a few pornos to save up money for a dog. And now he is dying from cancer and needs your help.

Ok, did you find this dog in a barn? If you got it through proper channels the dog would have been checked. But the dog isn’t real, so no worries.

The comments wasted not time calling this one out.

Crack money? Does this look like someone with the disease?

On second thought..

Settle down, there is no sick dog people.

I’m no vet, but it does look like a bug bite.

Why is it the my pet go fund me allstars always forget that one thing? You never hear about the pet until the are so sick it will take thousands of dollars to help them.

Well, ok not everyone is smart enough to figure it out.

If you are going to start a fake GoFundMe, don’t use a dog. Dog owners will chew you up and spit you out.

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