Park the bus

Just looking for a driveway to move into. Thats all. $100 a week isn’t that much, rent for an apartment cost more. It is borderline scary that between the two of them they can’t afford it, yet can afford to own dogs. And they left something out of this ad.

Who’s driveway is convenient for you to live in, how nice. And they also need a water hook up. Hope they aren’t dumping the toilet in the yard. The good part, put them near the trees, the bus will blend in.

Who wouldn’t want that and these people in their yard 24/7 until they move out?

I think that is a wedding picture. Honeymoon in a bus who could want more!

Can’t seem to find more than the name Joshua to identify this guy. Oh, I got a feeling about him!

I’m even more confused by the ” fundraiser” they had.

What? $250 to go to Florida? I don’t even undsrstand the situation. But I do know that $250 is barely going to cover that road trip, and wont even get you out of New Jersey in a school bus.

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