Krusty krab job fair

Why people choose to pretend that have some sort of career at to tv cartoon fast food restaurant is beyond me . So here are just some of the fine employees I found.

Here is your day shift manager, and official food taster.

The evening manager is…

When not serving up krabby patties, she is mastering the dog filter with her man.

Meet the kitchen staff

Does this look like a guy you want handling your fries?

Your head chef

Sadly, this was the most exciting thing she had on her page.

No doubt this guy is working the register.

He just looks like a ” truz me with u money” type guy.

Stop lying girl !!! That isn’t your job or college.

That is a ” I have to empty the trash but it is to heavy” face right there.

And last we have Jose

Who most likely is selling drugs at the drive thru and out the back door.

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