Clean your shoes

maybe it is just me, but when I where out a set of sneakers, they are done. I don’t go only looking to find a way to get them repainted. But Trippy from the Bronx ( real name Glenn Fisher) needs the pot money and will get out the paint brush. Cuz ya gotz to keep ur Jordans looking fresh., Right Trippy?

And trust me, Trippy was a trip to look at.

So if I’m reading that right, it’s Trippys grandfathers fault people are fucked up. So either he is a big time drug dealer, or ” aint that your baby daddy” is a common question when people see him.

I dont think you are suppose to go around bridgeport acting rich. Of course, why would you go to bridgeport?

First time shopping with your bitch Trippy?

No Trippy, you are safe. It is us white conservatives that have to worry.

See, I told ya !!

Good old family values !!!! So if have a time to kill check out Trippys deep thoughts on his facebook page.

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