Used car fall out

Like evey tax season. The hard working part timers of the world take their tax money from their 5 kids and buy the first overpriced piece of shit car they find, sorry, first overpriced piece of shit Honda, Acura or Lexus they find. Because they think us normal working people are jealous of a 20 year old overpriced Nissan.

And so begins the I got ripped off and need your help, or money.

It has everything, broke mom, threats, sick kid and even a dog filter.

So many comments before she shut them off, so lets do a play by play

And we are off !She was called out early and went right into defense mode complete with ” you don’t know me”.

Ok, you posted it. And its 8pm why are you now just feeding the kids? I agree you posted something asking for help the walk away? And for faq sake, the cops dont care, dont call them. She claims she was threatened but never elaborated. Hmmm.

Oh good, Lakeisha is here to save the day. She started out correct, yes you get screwed, but it went down hill from there. And always take advice from a PCA.

What threats? Did the seller write it? And since this girl flipped out when people asked her to respond, I think we know who threated who.

STOP CALLING THE COPS!!! “Hello 911, I bought a junk car can you come arest the seller?” Well, ok, call them. Our men and women in blue work hard and need a good laugh once in awhile.

Your right Josh, but lets keep that a secret.

None of that is true but seems to be the theme. Ok Mass law states private sale the seller must disclose all know defects with the car. Best to put in writting. Failure to do so then a buy back would be required . Under $700 is an as is car.

STOP SAYING CALL THE COPS! This isnt a criminal matter for the last time. Wait, micelle cries beleieve women so this must be true.

So your saying this car ran and drove like shit, you paid $2000 for it anyway? Amazing. Notice never once does she say the name of the seller or type of car, only says she bought it private. Then this happened

WTF???? Sure, its the phones fault. Anyway, I doubt there is really anything to this. It won’t be the last one, tax season is car rip off and is the worst time off the year to buy a cash car.

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