Got chapped lips?

Well, three million dollars for chapstick in an egg does seem like alot of money, but it does come in a green egg. So to hell with the around a dollar stuff they have at the store.

And shipping is available? How does this guy think is going to buy this? So will that be overnight, regular, express? What is the cost going to be? And will it be insured? For that price it better be.

I think Jonathans problem is he needs money and or a job.

When you list your job as a YouTube entertainer, is basically means you have no job. And why do these people list past, or sometimes current employment as the Krusty Krab. It isn’t even funny really . ” Oh, you use to work at the same place as Sponge Bob, how cool!”

There I just saved you a couple million dollars, your welcome.

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