File a Complaint

Dude, you hire a junky from Palmer to remove trash. You didn’t think they would look for something to sell? Your first clue to to call her would be I wrote a blog about her !!!! If an ad ends up on here it isn’t good! Seriously, check it out here

I would say get a friend and figure out a way to get ride of it yourself, but

You are just way to pretty to get your hands dirty. I can’t believe I didnt see a topless bathroom selfie.

Next complaint please.

Don’t sell to her, she ripped us off. He gave away the problem, it wasn’t her fault.

You sold her something, she paid and she short changed you? How. If I go to buy something and I give the seller money, they give me change if due. Not the other way around. The only thing I can think of is she paid you less than you wanted or you gave her back too much, but if you gave her the item, its still on you.

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