Cold at the Jersey Shore

Just what every house needs, the playboy blanket! I guess if your young and single it is great. And when you have a female guest over it tells her ” I’m well educated because I just read the articles”. Which now has me think, does anyone even subscribe to Playboy anymore?

Playboy reached a peak of 5.6 million subscribers a year in 1975. Today, the magazine has a circulation under 500,000 and publishes six issues a year.

Well, now you know, even of you didn’t want to. Back to Ammar. I can only imagine what the basement apartment in his parents house looks like.

Because its not hard to tell he spends way to much time getting dressed before hoping in his BMW hoping that he will have a run in with that MTV producer looking for the next Jersey Shore cast.

At least he said the blanket is warm. If I bought it it would need to be, since I would be sleeping alone on the couch.

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