Baby Daddy Wanted

Are you a single black man living in a three bedroom apartment or house by yourself? Have you ever wanted a white girl stripper to move in with her kid? well, now you can ! No mention of how she plans to pay, whether with services rendered or actual money. My guess is since she didn’t mention rent odds are she is going to pay as little as possible.

Lets not forget the best part, she is bringing her little crotch fruit with her ! The child is a mixed race so she wants a black man in the house because we wouldn’t want him to think there are white guys in the world. Or more like baby daddy took the first Cape Flyer out of town and never came back so she needs a replacement.

Here is the best part for you, future roomie. Not only do you get a stripper roommate, you get a kid that will think you are daddy. And while mommy is off polishing polls at work, guess who gets to babysit? Because you can’t really think she will hire someone and go pick him up at 3 am every night. She will be busy bring home clients at that time .

There is a downside to Craigslist, we can’t see who it is. I have a feeling this girls facebook page is going to be interesting.

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