We feel your pain, but not your stupidity

Anybody who has followed Turtleboy long enough know we know the pain for facebook suspending accounts and taking down postings. TB Rider is still serving 30 days for the less offensive joke ever. Luckily the other pages are ok so he isn’t missed much.

Then I found this online. Not sure who he pissed off but it seems like everything he tries to sell gets reported.

Its creepy but not offensive. Must be a form of racism. Thank you liberals.

I’m sure some douche bag in Cambridge found a way to imply that this sign is a form of hate speech.

Animal cruelty?

That could be the rape van from all the pumpkin spice stories.

Promotes violence on cartoon coyotes.

What the term for going postal because of facebook? We may need to create one.

Shit is getting deep now, the man is going to lose his house because of Facebook. It isn’t like there are apps or other sites he can sell thing on.

At this point I think you asking to much money. So what are you going to do about this?

HAHAHA. You don’t have a lawyer, last week you couldn’t even pay your bills. Second, wtf is sui? Did you really think that was going to scare Facebook? Sadly, I think this guy actually told people he posted that and Facebook left him alone.

So a quick stroll through his page and I think I see the problem.

This seems like a simple pissing contest between him and a auction. That Colombian necktie thing probably didn’t help.

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