Star Trek Man

Meet Jeffery, single ladies he is every thing you dreamed off.

Want to see more, your in luck, we got a topless photo for you.

get your sexy on !!!! Even his profile is what you dreamed it would be.

Well since Pizza hut closed, he has to keep the cash rolling in. And what better way to do that than sell your Star trek items.

Who hasn’t wanted their own toy Enterprise ship? Wait, sorry, trekies, is a a model or action figure?

Do you have to go to the conventions to find this stuff?

He only lives in his parents basement because they need him around you know.

I bet you the guy that play Data doesn’t even have this.

I just had to google this. Think he will get pissed if you tell him Captain Kirk was a loser?

ladies, be the first to boldly go where no woman has gone before, this guys bedroom.

For real, the Dr’s action figure?

Well, thats it, I actually feel more depressed than I did when I started this blog, and I’m not even this guy. Live long and prosper !!

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