Juicy Jeremy’s Jeep

If you didn’t see it, Turtleboy reported Juicy jeremy is selling his Jeep. The same one that Tanya Hall was shot and killed in. Read the blog here

Never seen winter? Expect this winter. We have video. Plus hard to sell a Jeep in New England in March and claim it never saw winter. And is that a patch in the rear door. Looks like a small hole was filled to me.

Can we see the inside? Did you put in a new seat or a used one?

A thrid picture and a throd location. Kind of odds unless t3our hiding something.

Pass the word Jeep people! He wont tell you he has no license so no plates on the car. He won’t tell you someone was shot and killed inside this vehicle. Dont buy this! Make him stare at it everyday.

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