Getting High with Walmart

Yup, this is an actual kids sweatshirt that appear for a short time on the website. Who doesn’t want their little one walking around with a pot plant on their shirt. It cries ” I’m getting into USC without Aunt Becky’s help!”

The item has since been removed from the website so I couldn’t find out if it came in other colors and Walmart claims they were unaware of it. I’ll give them that one. Based on they shitty title it was a drop shipper that posted it.

If your not aware of drop shipping, look at Ebay. It allows people to start selling items as a middle man through websites. Ebay, Walmart and Amazon are the big ones. So now you know why things are shipped from China on Ebay.

So keep an eye out. Most likely a kid wearing a pot shirt at 10, will be a parent on welfare by 15.

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