Cell phone bandits

So many things that don’t make sense I’m not sure where to start. So you bought a phone online line but never bothered to make sure it worked with your plan? You mean carrier?so anyway, you bought the wrong phone. It would make perfect sense to leave it in your car. Was it on the front seat or the dash board? Oh we are just getting started.This is the phone by the way.

Has a street value of like $40. But that isn’t stopping her from calling every store and the Fitchburg and Gardner Police. I’m sure they have their best detectives on the case. I don’t even know why Gardner. She claims the phone was stolen at her home in Fitchburg. Doesn’t make sense to drive to Gardner to try and sell a $40 phone. And somebody please explain what a “dumb boxes” for old phones means. Whatever it is I guess it’s a crack head dream.

If you see this phone around you should know it’s stolen. And she doesn’t like things being stolen from “mye”. Amanda never gets anything nice you guys because of the kids. Just bring it back !!!

Of course, lets look into the actual crime itself.

Oh good, It was never missing in the first place. All this took place in 10 minutes while she was on Facebook the whole time. Another case closed. Next time lock the car Adam!

In those few minutes she got some wise advice from her friends. Kristi suggested locking the car. And Kristi, I suggest not letting baby play with the product most responsible for his existence.

Then Jennifer joined in .

Well if you are going to live in Fitchburg, leave your car unlocked with a wallet, phone and keys in it you deserve everything that happens. I get the feeling Jennifer didnt graduated from Monty Tech based on her good grades.

I think we all know none of this happened. But you wanted attention Amanda and now you got it. Enjoy your Facebook fame.

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