Skip the games

Skip the games is a website that offers, well, ” escorts” i.e. hookers. It seems to be run from the UK, but there was no problem finding local gals and guys offering their services.

Oh, lets check out Brockton, shall we. WARNING, NOT FOR THE KIDS!!!

First up

Yup, she looks like she works at a strip joint. But guess what her specialty is.

A prostate massage! Who hasn’t wanted to pay for that?

Be respectful. Because it it hard to find a Brockton women willing to stick her fingers up you ass.

Next to the stage, Cali!!

Anybody want to be that phone rings into a Police hotline? My favorite part of her profile is how she says every picture is her, yet her face is blocked out of each one.

I get the feeling there is a trainwreck behind there.

Two for one here

This clearly is fake pictures. But at least they provide a price list.

For a good time call 867-5309.

Next up is Mariah.

When she says snow day special, she means it.

Yup, thats appealing. Don’t worry ladies, got ya cover.

Yup, a horny 19 year old male prostitute. Thats all you are dude.

I get the feeling his customers would disagree.

Next up Weymouth John. Not much of a talker.

There was only one picture that wasn’t x rated.

And it has I belong on Turtleboy written all over it.

Well until we visit another town. Until then, I need to scrub my phone and take a shower. Just being on that site was enough of a nasty nightmare for me.


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