Free trip

Meet Steve Tee.

Just your average attention seeker on Facebook. You may remember him as the guy selling water down on rt 9.

But he stopped asking for handouts because everyone made him rich?

But now he is giving back to Worceter. One hug at a time. And apparently from Arizona.

And great news. Some lucky fan is invited to come visit.

Yup, totally believable. Where have we hear this before Greg Bates? All you have to do is like his post. Of course this isn’t his first “giveaway”.

He didn’t invent the scam Jen. You just fell for it. Of course.

A CNA from Southbridge with a joint facebook account. So who cheated and how many other things do you fall for?

It’s not a good word, but all he has. But he has backup. Donny who swears it isnt a scam and stop reporting it. Donny has a face that you can trust.

Well, now I’m convinced. Then we had Michele.

48 and 5 grandbabies? At that rst3e your great great grandkids should be around before 70.Its not amazing, because it isn’t real. Find your own way to Arizona. But there was one tji3ng Steve said that pissed me off.

No Steve. Turtleboy won’t pick your winner or have anything to do with this bullshit. Why would you even say that other than making people think this crap is real. Why stop there? Uncle can show up at the winners house with balloons and Bret will drive them to the airport.

Anyway Steve, now you have my attention. Can wait to see who the big winner is !

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