TB Rider

So it was short lived, but TB Rider got suspended for another 30 days. It was over what has to be the least offensive thing I have ever post on that account.

Earlier Turtleboy posted a blog about a person making threats and attempting to use the legal system to harass Uncle Turtleboy because he writes a blog this person doesn’t like. And for some reason, people who read the blog have their own opinions and feel that they are entitled to voice them. Because that isn’t allowed anymore on Facebook. Like a freedom of speech thing, lawyer 101 stuff that a lawyer would know. Just for the record, I won’t name these people, we know who they are and I won’t give them the pleasure of writing their names. So here is what happened.

I share this article like I try to do with all blogs. A follower made a comment.

The first comment by Michael which I joking replied to.

Yup, straight men are the devil is hate speech! That is about the most mild thing I could write. And this happened within minutes.

But yet, look what I posted that still stands.

Best believe that I mean that more now than I did when I wrote it.

I’m not going to even name you, thats what you want. To cry like a baby saying your being victimized and bullied. You know who you are. I’m allowed to have an opinion of you and it isn’t a nice one. So go fuck yourself if you don’t like it. Your the bully threatening people who wont take your shit.

You may have shut down one account, but you barely put a dent in it . I’ll still be around to stand up against your threats, Turtleboy wont back down and neither will the thousands of followers.

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