So stupid it hurts

Oh Nicholas, you have so much to learn about trying to screw people over. You don’t want to go to a dealer because simply you have not intentions of paying. $300-$400 a week? I doubt it.

Then you try playing the need it for my kid card. Aww. Lets take a look at your baby girl, shall we?

Nope, not there. Maybe she is in one of your posts?

I don’t think that is her.

Oh cut the shit. You don’t have a kid. Not one single picture of her. But you seems to have pictures of

Cars!!!! Your really just a lying sack of shit trying to screw somebody over. I have a good feeling that anyone thatv helps you won’t get a dime but instead a call from the police saying the car was found wrecked and abandoned somewhere. Hope they have good insurance.

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