There seems to be an abundance of homemade catering online. Not hard to figure out. Buy the food with the EBT card and sell it for a profit. Its like a tax payer free loan to start your own unregulated business. Most of the ads are in Spanish. I dont care to translate it, just give you the menu. It could be what you have for lunch at your work. Of course you have to pay for the meals even though you already did with your taxes.

Oh good, chicken. That tomato looks like it has seen better days. But comes with a soda and local delivery.

Even the wrapper doesn’t look healthy. The plastic fork is a nice touch.

Just like Ma use to make! Not sure if Ma Sanchez would be my first choice.

$30, really. It looks like leftovers from a cookout.

You got a menu?

Totally legit I’m sure, Tamika screams ” trust me”.

Don’t tell me, I love a good food surprise.

I didnt know the bread left.

Price seems right for whatever it is.

Oh how professional looking. And dont forget dessert.

Well, enjoy lunch. And if any of the listed food service providers feels that this blog has harmed them, feel free to provide us with all the documentation to prove your running a leagal business and Ill be more than happy to remove it.


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