Lower the limit

Thats Representative Ayanna Pressley, you should be proud Boston. Now she wants to give 16 year olds the right to vote.

First, I will say there are some very smart and educated kids out there who will make the correct decision. But I don’t think that is the motive . We are talkkng about the Democrats. They have become the party of give everything away, mom and dad will pay for it, and by mom and dad we mean people with jobs.

Turns out illegals cant vote. If they could I don’t think it would be for Trump. So who can we recuit next. Oh the kids. Hey kids, want free college, healthcare and everything paid for just like living at home, vote for us! It will be great, we will tell the strict mean people to give you want you want. Just like when you go to your “cool aunt” to get something mommy won’t give you.

It has nothing to do with the future of America having a say. Most 16 year olds could give two shits about it unless it gets them out of class. Notice we haven’t seen any walkouts lately? Because it is too damn cold out to leave the warmth of school to stand around hold signs.

Her cheesy attempt to compare what she is doing to what Ted Kennedy did is embarrassing. Mr Kennedy understood that 18 years were being sent to fight and were adults. They could handle the responsibility. Times were different then. And Ms Pressley, you are no Ted Kennedy, so stop trying.

I hope this thing fails, and fails miserably. I really can’t handle the fact that I work full time and some kids who cant even drive, no less dont work are going to be deciding who should be incharge and making decisions on my tax money. You can wait until your 18 and a legal adult just like everyone else did.

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