Stop being mean !!!

I’m guessing you attempts to get free handouts isn’t going as well I you were hoping. It’s tough to internet panhandle these days. Did you try a dog filter?

That should help. So what is the problem here?

So you want two tv’s for $50? That seems like a give away if you ask me. Crystal did a quick delete and retreat, but thanks to a follower, we got a few screen shots. So Ready for this. First she established she isn’t broke.

Oh good, she has money, and it’s not like she lives in a shelter or anything.

I’m so sure that $500 will go a long way. So spend it well you can !!

Read a book! Obviously you have freaking internet access !! Get off facebook and find a show on you tube. YOU put these kids in this position, nobody else !!!! If you want them to have tv and oh, I don’t know, a real roof over there head, then get off your ass and do something about it. I’ll put $50 on it those kids are at school right now and instead of trying to find work your fat ass is sitting in the shelter trying to find a way to piss through every dollar you have in your pocket.

No surprise, Crystal did a delete and retreat. Then Dylan popped up to take one last glorious shot at her.

He is right, in a bad grammar kind of way. You are not entitled to anything from anyone. So quit your bitching when the freebies don’t come all rolling in. One last question?

You do know that you can buy these way cheaper, right? I hope your not trying to start an online shoe business.


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