Leave Gillette Alone

This is currently trending on Care2, a site that is the same thing as change.org They would like Gillette to remove their name from the home of the Patriots. They claim this is in response to Bob Kraft getting caught in a sex trafficking ring.

Ok, first Mr Kraft isn’t running a sex ring. He was getting a cheap blow job. A few of them. So cut the shit acting like the Patriots plane is going to China every weekend and loading up which girls to force into sex slavery.

Currently it has just over 13,000 signatures, but I thought this was interesting.

Only 200 are from Massachusetts. Kind of a small number don’t you think? Any actual Patriot fans signing this? I doubt it.

Well there you go. Once again it is Trumps fault, right there snowflake? Lets ruin everything over this because he votes republican. And what is his reward? They didn’t win the superbowl because he got the most sucky sucky the day of the game or something.

I want to talk to all the snowflakes signing this now. Here is how it works. Gillette paid to put there name on the building. It is called advertising. It isn’t a personal obligation to Bob Kraft or in anyway supporting him wanting a happy ending. Its not condoning anything. Knock the shit off and find something else to do.

Gillette. Don’t give in, seriously. I really really doubt you will lose any business over this. Most of your business is from mens shaving supplies, and the people signing this all buy ladies razors, even the guys signing it.

if they do cave, I promise you one thing. I will do everything in my power to get the name changed to “Hummer Statium “. Suck on that!!!

If you want to, here is the link to the Care2 petition, just please don’t sign it.

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