Say what?

The picture caught my attention, funny and so true! Then I read the ad. Five times to be exact. I think his son is selling this stuff and you have until he gets to they get to game stop in Brockton at 9 to buy it. It gets worse.

Wait, what? Your going to try and pass a test and sell houses? Cant wait for that. ” Dez prople be seelin there crib yous got until Friday to offer 200 thousand cashz money”. But wait. It gets worse.

Terrance, he is a WHITE BOY!!

See. Truck driver I get, a dumb one, but I get. No way in hell should this guy ever fly a plane. I never want to see a plane flown by a guy who struggles with grammar. ” Yo my airport niggaz i need to be puttin this shit on the ground yo.” Scary.

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