Boo, Disney World !

Online reviews are sometimes a great source of insight into a business. Negative reviews sometime have to really be read between the lines. They aren’t always true stories, just made people because they didn’t get their way. I thought it would be fun to go through some negative reviews for the happiest place on Earth, Disney World, and respond the way I think Mickey mouse should.

No, you weren’t finger printed, stop lying. This is why the have fast pass Shelley, to avoid the lines. Maybe next time don’t go during school vacation week and it wont be so busy. Oh, its Disney, it is always busy. And I’m sorry, you wanted free Ice cream for waiting in line?

Fast pass is free. The point to to avoid standing in a long line.

We are sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy your trip. You were aware of where you were going before hand, right?

Your kids asked to go back because you were embarrassing them with all your complaining.

Life just isn’t fair. It isn’t a Disney movie.

Did you try putting five minutes into checking locations and schedules or did you just assume when you walked through the gate every character would be there waiting for your kid?

So it is the parks fault you lost an item?? But your right Ajay, they should have closed the whole place and ripped it apart looking for your item, how rude of them not too.

News flash, its a for profit business. Would you feel better if Mickey bend you over and faq’d you up the ass?


Read it in Asian guy voice . HAHA !!!!!

This is sooo made up it is unbelievable. Not one of these events really happened. Anyone who has every been to Disney know that someone with a disability is given the royal treatment, not publicly mocked. But as for your threat never to go back, nobody will notice.


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