Bad parking

BUTLER COUNTY, Fla. – A couple were arrested on warrants and allegedly had stolen items Thursday in the parking lot of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office.

Anthony Dewayne Twyman, 35, and Kimberly Twyman, 31, illegally parked their vehicle in a handicap spot. When deputies approached Anthony Twyman, he got out of the car and ran.

“If you are not handicapped, do not park in a handicap spot, especially if the sheriff’s personal vehicle is parked directly behind you,” Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said in a statement. “When a deputy tells you to move your vehicle because you are illegally parked in a handicap spot, do not exit the vehicle and run away.”

Kimberly Twyman came out “just in time to see Anthony being arrested and jumped into an occupied vehicle and demanded a ride,” investigators said.

Twyman told the victim, who had an infant in the car, that she had warrants and needed to get away. The victim refused and ran to get help, according to deputies. Twyman was also arrested.

When deputes searched the Twyman vehicle, there were several miscellaneous clothing items from various retail stores strewn about the car with tags on them that had been stolen.

“It’s pretty simple. I guess I need a sign in the lot that states ‘If you park illegally, have a car loaded of stolen stuff, have warrants and run from the police, you might be ignorant,’” Jones said.

Both parties received several charges, along with having outstanding warrants, and were booked into the Butler County Jail.

Not the brightest people. It never does tell us why they were at the sheriff’s office in the first place, doesn’t seem like the kind of place they would want to hang out. But you would think the last thing you want to do is attract attention to yourself, Having warrants and stolen stuff and all. But they don’t look that bright.that bright.

Of course, if all those damn cops hadn’t parked in the ” police car only” spots they wouldn’t have this problem. Next time, just walk the extra 50 ft.

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