Crazy Grandpa is back!

Yet another no surprise there moment when Bernie Sanders entered the field today to try again to be President.

Just like a typical grandpa, he waved the shiny set of keys in front of the babies and they went wild! Because they arent old enough to realize that things cost money.

Free college, not problem, tax payers will flip the tab. $15 hour minimum wage. I’ll gladly pay $20 for a Big Mac. Medicare for everyone, just add it to the old tab. Rsise the tax rate thats all. See, simple!

Then of course, we has to listen to the usual Trump is evil, racist, sexist blah blah. Honestly I hope that they keep that crap up. Nothing is funnier then listening to a sheltered white person tell me about racism.

Not that we don’t already know what Bernie is going to be spewing out of his mouth. The same as before, the same crap AOC preaches while telling everyone that she is a dictator now, I mean the boss and she is in charge. I guess we the people is no more and representative now means overlord. And of course Liz Warren is just the Indian female edition of Bernie.

So I went to Bernie’s campaign site for more information.

Not me. Us. Can we get that on a hat please. I can’t wait for the stories about people wearing those attacking conservatives yelling ” this is us country!”. So give them an email address and..

So either the site has nothing on it or it is a pay per view. I’m guessing the computer thingamagiggy is too confusing to Bernie. So I offered to give my hard earned money to a guy who wants to give away my hard earned money.

I thought it was generous. Time to buckle up and hang on. Bernie is driving a car with no brakes going 100 mph down the highway into a traffic jam. Stay tuned.


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