Towman took muh car

You need the car to go everywhere, yet it was towed from your house while you were at work? But lets get to the more important question, single mother of 5?

Did you start with you were 13? Would that be 5 daddys? I guess it is easy when you just produce them, the state takes over from there. Don’t want some screaming baby to get in the way of finding your next man. Five is the magic number of kids to when looking for online handouts.

So of course, you have the ” it happen to me too” stories, and the everyone looking to help. Because Vermont is a small state. Then came Kari.

You messed it all up Kari ! You were suppose to just offer her cash. As soon as Kari posted, no surprise Katie took down her post. No biggie, that was just the people falling for her scam, the good stuff is on Kari’s post.

Have they heard of Turtleboy in Vermont yet?

I would feel uncomfortable if I got caught in a lie and called out on it too. But the her brother showed up to defend her in the ” you dont know her” fashion.

She went to get wifi? Why did she leave Mcdonalds in the first place if she was looking for online handouts?


Wow, a straight up slam from your boyfriends sister. I wouldn’t worry about it being a sister in law though, Katie is still young and has plenty of time to get passed around fire off a few more kids.


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