Dukes of Hazzard

Remember the Duke Boys?

Well I guess now they are nothing but a bunch of racists or something, I don’t know. But anyway, I almost forgot how many toys and stuff they had until I took a trip through ebay.

Thats alot for a shirt that I can only see a guy who’s resume consist of pizza delivery jobs wearing.

Cletus? Really? He was the least coolest character on that show. Flash the dog was better.

Enos was better. Not good enough to keep his spinoff show on the air, but better. The dolls had one flaw, it had to be kept away from the Daisy Doll.

Yet, still less slutty looking than Barbie. Speaking of which.

Not of children.

Hot wheels were always cool. Kids need to learn about cigars and windowless vans at a young age.

Iron on shirt patch! Welcome back 1982!

That is just creepy. Hopefully it isn’t glow in the dark.

Not quite a collectors item. But my license expires soon, any bidders?

Just any empty box? That will make some one year old happy.

The snowflakes got to the good ole boys, and they are more sensitive now.


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