U da smartest

We all know education is not a priority in Springfield. Here is all you need to know. Drop out, have kids, claim to be “desable” and all the kids are also, and never use the same dad twice. Then just sit back and wait for the government checks to roll in !! But there comes a time when you realize you need your GED to be a PCA for your moms boyfriend. That is when you turn to

This already isn’t going well. Wanda is going to have her handful with this class of 2019.

You already failed Kimberly. Hopefully your Harvard boyfriend will help you out.

Nevermind. next

Remember China? Let me help you out.

Hard to believe she is a dropout.

Between the filter and being from Holyoke, spelling GED may be tough. And last but not least.

It was just her, but I get a feeling they both could use the class.

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