Poor baby

This seems to be the new trend. People are so damn lazy instead of going to look for things, like a job or a car, they just post they are looking for one on facebook and wait for the offers to roll in.

Spelled hiring wrong, but lets look at your resume. You worked at Popeye’s in Springfield, so having to actually work is unfair. If you haven’t been to the Popeye’s in Springfield please don’t waste your time. I went there once and got the the point where I was going to call the money a loss and just leave. I had no idea it was possible to have so many stupid people working in once place.

Unorganized you say, if only that had people to be a leader, you know, like a shift leader. And sorry buddy, if you work at a fast food joint don’t expect a high five a a raise every time you show up for work on time and sober.

Some free advice Jashua. Just the simple fact that you aren’t trying to locate your own employment makes you unemployable as far as I am concerned. It shows you are lazy. I’m even willing to be you have called in sick on your first week at a job. You want to impress people, make a resume and go apply for jobs on indeed.


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