No good deed goes unpunished

Meet Nichole. Nichole saw a post online from Nixie and decided to share it.

Seems like a nice thing to do, right? Its called being a decent person. Nixie even had this on her page.

OMG, what a bitch, right? Enter Kim the Social Justice Warrior.

Bitch, are you serious? It is called doing a good deed. Trying to save someone some headaches. Who cares if the picture and name is published. Maybe, just maybe, there is more that one Jennifer Anderson in western Mass and someone might know her. I don’t see anything that isnt available to the public.

But since you are soo worried. Let me school you. Anything that is publicly accessible can be posted on line. Like this.

Smith College, that explains it. You have no idea how the real world works and think your opinion is the only one . So rather than leaving it alone you felt the need to give Nichole shit because you think her being helpful is wrong. I hope this finds you I can’t wait for your internet lawsuit threats, I’ll call the cops, blah blah.And one more thing.

I hope your dogs escape and find a nice Republican home.


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