Waste some cash

If you are willing to pay that much for a 21 year old Corolla, you kind of deserve to get sworn at. So bring the money a tire.

Next thing you know, you will be the coolest guy at the welfare office, parked in front of walmart with the stereo all the way up, or whatever you can do to look like a total douche. ( Flat brim Bulls hat sold extra)


This is why you all are broke a week after you get your taxes back.

Translation, it isn’t mine to sell, so I will just take your money and make it your problem.

Just some paint and shit, lol !

Ran when parked 20 years ago, and I will guess 130K on it.

Paint it white and drive up like Boss Hogg !!!

Or pretend you are in the Fast and Furious.

Yeah, I would say its my cousins too.

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