Section 8 problems

Oh what a surprise. Somebody in a section 8 apartment needs a lawyer because the evil landlord. Where have we heard this before? The lawyers probably don’t call you back because they dont work for free! Your entitlement doesn’t get you everything.

But Lisa is totally normal, just a struggling mom ya know.

I’ll leave it at screwed up, because the rest of it is your typical ” I an woman hear me roar” talk.

It did not take long to figure out the real problem.

Let me guess, Im not paying the rent becaus I want a nicer place so I going to make shit up about the landlord, am I close?

Guess what Lisa, nobody cares if you think you are a good person. Not everyone wants to deal with section 8. I took alot of pride in the fact that the last place I rented was an expensive townhouse in a upper middle class town and not one person in the complex was section 8 . We worked to be there! I’m also guess in that you only get section 8 because for some reason in the past 10 years some dumbass felt the need to reproduce with you. And you will never guess what happened to the kid.

Oh for fuck sake. Can people stop bullying this family? Of course the sympathy cries.

What are you thinking Kelly? Teach the boy to stand up for him and grow some balls? I’m sorry your a normal thinking person, that isn’t allowed.

Ok, stop this shit never happened. The teacher never got an “add chewing”.The school didn’t call you because nothing happened. There is no poor kids stealing jackets at the bus stop. And now you know why nobody wants you as a tenant.

So if anyone would like to rent to this snowflake who will probably call the cops reporting harassment everytime you ask for the rent. Hit her up!

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