Trailer park porches

Have you ever thought about moving down south, getting a nice double wide in a mobile home park and just sitting back and watching LivePD take place in your front yard? Well when you do, you got to have a proche to hang out on.

The porche is the only nice thing here. Couldn’t spring for a decent set of stairs?

Wait, someone lives in that? Looks like a nice porche for your shed.

Could we paint or stain these things? I got a feeling there is a broken down car and or a appliance somewhere in that yard.

Nothing about this looks safe. I get you would want to put your trailer and porche up on bricks to protect it from flooding, or rotting from being on the ground like that old truck you being working on for 7 years, but its only a matter of time before those stairs kill that kid.

Oh look railings! And yet I feel less safe with those. Someone should tell redneck man that a storms a coming. Actually, he is in a trailer park, odds are good it will be a tornado.

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