Moron millenials

Since we are back, lets chat about the stupidity of millennials in the news.

Hoda Muthana wants to come back to the USA since spawning an ISIS baby has made it hard to find a date. When your 24 and already have three dead husbands, that is a bad sign.
But now she is wicked sorry about the death to America thing, she was just dumb and stupid. And she said she is sorry. So we should let her come home, because she totally learned her lesson.
Bad news. You arent a citizen. And the adults of America have said no. Of course, if the liberals had their way, Air Force One would be picking her up as we speak,but your not welcome. But you are welcome to the real world where you wont get what you want anymore. Enjoy Syria, I hear it’s nice this time of year.

Next we have Jasiel Correia. The I did nothin wrong mayor of Fall River. He spent all this time saying that he didn’t steal money and now he wants to pay everyone back if they promise not to sue. You stole money, spent it and now of course your knee deep in shit. Recall elections and criminal charges don’t go away because you say sorry. I have never seen one episode of Cops where the bad guy said sorry and the cops responded ” ok well he is sorry, so we can let him go”.

Then we have New Yorks finest, AOC. She is so stupid she has no idea she took food off the table of 25,000 people. She obviously has no idea how tax incentives actually work. I’m guessing she googled it after she messed the whole thing up. Sadly she thinks ” I took down big business, yah me !!!” No you didnt. You just took money away from the people who elected you to help them. Time for a adult math lesson. AOC wants to had out trillions in money that the government has. The government gets the money from Amazon. If Amazon gives the government no money, how much money does the government have to hand out?

Last we have Jussie Smollett. Obviously Turtleboy was the only news outlet that didnt buy into his story, and look who was right. This genius wanting so bad to be the next “victim” of the good ole boys in MAGA hats attacking everyone that he messed it up for everyone else. The game is over. We knew they were staged, but the media was making it look like an epidemic. Now I can’t imagine any news organization with half a brain will jump right back into it because, well, we know its fake. Thankfully the snowflakes all have Facebook to tell their horrifying stories on.

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