Can you spare a buck?

So when this popped up on the feed today, I thought Uncle needs some advertising.

So now that Turtleboy has new items in the store to help support the cause. I went shopping and put my own twist on it.

Do you like your coffee or hot beverages in a cup? Me too! This one lets you drink coffee and acts as a reminder to check the site for new blogs.

Got an iPhone? Unless it is a free obama phone it probably cost you alot of money. Why not protect it? The turtle logo on the back lets people know what your reading. Got a Samsung?

That shit aint cheap either! Get a case!

Snowflakes are everywhere! Protect your opions from there wack ass brain freeze with this winter hat.

Let your little one be a fashion and social statement all at once. If grandma as what Turtleboy is, just say it is a new show on Nick Jr.

This sweatshirt gets right down to business. You never know, a ratchet my see you in it and take you picture to post on Facebook thinking they got the real turtleboy.

Going to the pool or beach, or maybe you like to take a shower. This towel lets your fellow Hampton beach goers know that you aren’t like them in anyway.

Here is the link to do some shopping

Or just click donate and give a few bucks to protect the real journalism we enjoy.

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