Bad Brady

When the first thing you say is ” not fake” it raises some flags. But who wouldn’t trust Ryan?

Nothing to worry about. Anyway, when some people started to ask about the authenticity of the item, Ryan showed his true businessman colors.

Stickers and an email, sounds legit.

he wrote it on facebook, so stop asking or else.

oh it is on now !!!

way to keep your calm Ryan, are you done yet?

Why, you and your facebook friends going to go beat him up for calling you a fake? Most adults would move on instead of getting all worked up about it. I dont know if it is real or not, and dont care to be honest. If I was going to pay money for a Brady signed item I would want to make sure there is proof it is legit too. But to be fair, this is Joel Martin.

He looks like he uses less drugs so the fight may go in his favor.

And then bad news for Ryan.

I hope you weren’t making a career out of this.

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