Rehome the kid

So these assholes waited for over a year to figure out kid was allergic to just 1 of 2 dogs. The second dog must be the elusive hypoallergenic pit bull cross. I’ve heard of them but never believed they existed. But they must. Or maybe it just isn’t as large, mean and unruly. Cane corsos are big dogs , and potentially very dangerous. They are an insurance risk, not that these idiots would have insurance on the dogs or even own a house. And don’t just give it away to a good home , make sure you try to profit from it. Since your not going to breed and perpetuate the over population of dogs, get that last buck out of it. That is part of what makes you an asshole. That , lying and the dirty delete just prove it. THe photo is split but the complete pic has two dogs. The joint account is interesting too , wonder which one cheated. My money is on the big ole ginger spice.

Since the kid is allergic , I bet it was an itchy snotty miserable day at the circus around all those animals. Anaphylactic shock is real , carry that Epipen. However Kids are easier to rehome than dogs at least. So if the allergies get too bad , advertise HIM on FB.

Looks like it runs in the family too. Assholes Get free puppies and then don’t like it after a year so put it on FB. Assholes also don’t care to train dogs correctly because they go into it not caring and it’s easy to throw away. And assholes will NEVER tell about the dogs issues , because it will show how ignorant they really are.

Shocker, looks like this one won’t be breeding either. Seems like a pattern. Keep the dogs just long enough to fuck them up and make them dangerous or unhealthy. At least this one didn’t want money for a broken dog. Pit and husky two more breeds that are bad to begin with , mix them make sure their mean.

They reek of honesty right??? I totally believe the allergy story. I still want to know who cheated ?????

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