Gone fishing

Are you single? Do you need a reason to stay that way? I made a visit to the Plenty o Fish app to help you out. I was going to try tinder, but it wants your facebook info and since I wasn’t using my real account and TB Rider is still doing time for the Turtleboy cause, we might try that later.

Your an unemployed 34 yr old from Brockton who looks like you get every form of government assistance out there, shower once a week and isn’t afraid to smell like an ashtray. I have a hard time believing that you get hit on alot for sex, but then again, Brockton.

Yup, I would want to be high as a kite to be seen in public with you.

I wouldn’t smile if I was from Spencer either. When you list your profession as singing, it basically means “I’m unemployed and hang out in karaoke bars,”.

Hi ladies, I own a home but live in the basement so my mom can have the rest of the house to herself. I sell pictures I take on Ebay and dinner is on you.

Want to join me at a anti trump rally? Or spend hours listen to me talk about things that make no sense?

Your from Warren and wearing a wife beater. Stocking the shelves at CVS doesn’t make you in the healthcare field.

I dont know what to say except I’m scared and just found another reason to avoid Fall River. Can we please get the USS Massachusetts up and running and shell the shit out of that city?

Are you joking? You have a picture of you and your wannabe rapper sperm donor in a profile trying to pick up guys? This can mean only one thing, she is down for being passed around the crack house. And school? Let me guess, CNA?

No profession? Let me guess, disabled because theo nly excerise you get is opening the door for the Peapod delivery guy. Can you use food stamps for that? Anyway, nothing serious, just take her to dinner at the Golden Coral buffet.

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