A trip to Kansas

A quite stroll through the Kansas marketplace and a few must have items.

Why does everyone hate this game? Seriously, how many times have we found it now?

I guess it was to creepy for his snake. But kind of looks like Skeletors castle.

Welcome back He-Man!

I honestly can’t decide if that would taste good or not.

It is just a rock, nothing special or worth $15.

A $60 mystery box? I’m not doubting that this guy won’t give a fair value, just seems a bit strange.

While your in there looking for wedding rings, dresses and stuff, dont for get you need someone to preform the wedding.

I jave never worked as a server, but I didn’t think you needed to buy your own guest checks. Alyssa went another direction with her career. Instead of serving food that will give you a heart attack

She answers phones at a funeral home! So if the food dont kill ya, give her a call to plan your your death anyway.

This girl ain’t playing! Buy the damn cookies!

Gee, Monica, did you expect it to sell if you said ” only used once”. I can reassure you of one thing, nobody wants the free instructional video from the sellers.

Everything you dream of in a sex toy distributor.

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