Dog scam

Awww, poor dog. If only this was real. Normally I let DW write about the dog ads, but this is just a fully blow scam . This ad went up, and came down within minutes after somebody told him to use his EBT card to pay for it. So here we go !

So the claim is the he needs $5,000 for 50% of the costs. So 10K for dog surgery? Must be his first go fund me scam.

Seems like alot of a 3 year old phone. It is like he is hurting for money or something. He is from Boston begging for donations in western ma.

Grub Guru, now we are on to something.

And there is your real answer. He is broke. He sold his food truck, has no money and now needs $5,000. And what a better way to try and get it than the old sick sick go fund me .


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