illegal tow

Talk about going out on a limb, Joshii, nah I’m going with Joshy, decided to start his own tow company.

He got a truck and a trailer and is ready to compete with the big boys ! He even got some signs.

Oh wait, that is for Boulevard Garage, that isn’t you, is it Joshy?? Nope, but the point is he found a sign that says tow !!!

So now your a legit tow company opereator, time to set some prices and do some advertising.

Money talks? That is your pricing? Good business plan. I assume he will also be able to provide his business insurance and DOT number to prove that he is running a real carrier business. Just kidding !! He doesn’t even have commercial plates on his truck so any damage he causes or accidents he gets in somebody is gonna be screwed. Just remember, if anyone asked, he is your friend and helping you out, you definitely are not paying him. I’m sure he is a cash up from kind of guy, so he already has your money.

But that won’t happen, he is a safe tow truck driver. He even took a picture to prove it.

Always take a picture while driving down the turnpike, safety first !!!

Anyway, Joshy, I don’t know you nor do I care too. If you want to run and advertise your tow ” business” I strongly suggest you do it the legal and proper way. Cars can easily become 2 ton killing machines. I don’t want myself or anyone I know sharing the road with a wannabe tow truck driver. Hope the Mass State Police truck team stops you for a chat !!

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