Damn U!

So this mystery kid or kids just walked into her section 8 apartment “n Took” her brand new xbox. She worked hard to earn that! Not sure if it came out of the social security money or 49 weekly payments of $20 to rent a center. Of course how does he just walk into your crib and be takin your shit?

Ah, your kid let him in and he was able to unplug the xbox and walk out the door with it. Happens all the time. And yet your free government paycheck invited this GED valedictorian into your house but either doesn’t know his name or just his Facebook name? And who wouldn’t trust this guy?

I would totally trust him alone in my home. Of course we aren’t playing with power here.

That seems like great advice but she has better things to do.

Yup, you don’t “realise” how much you miss your xbox until is gets stolen by a fellow Springfield junkbox.


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