Please help my homeless friend

Really? None of this makes sense. A unnamed homeless friend who cant get into a shelter? Not one mention of kids, which is a surprise. But some of the mentioned items are, well, confusing.

Lets start with the food. All stuff that needs to be cooked. How does one make mac and cheese living on the streets of Springfield? And well your at the store buying her stuff, you may want to jack the shopping cart. Gonna need that to push around all the donations.

The clothes are thought were interesting. Quite a bit of stuff. And tell me what do you think, will our helpful friend fit into any of it?

Of course the head scratcher is the ” I will be willing to pay for them”. Then why are you and your friend at the salvation army or a thrift store?

Im not buying it but of course everyone on Facebook is looking to help out. Stayed tuned for Becc’s online store.

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